How to regrip golf clubs with an air compressor.

How to regrip golf clubs with an air compressor.

Regripping your golf clubs is very important component in game of golf.
Many golf regripping methods are frustrating and time consuming but using air compressor to regripping you golf clubs can be a great solution to the challenges.
On average, especially if you are a regular golf player you should ensure that you replace your golf grips once twice in a year.

Requirements and Steps you need when you want to regrip golf clubs with an air compressor.

New grip.
Masking tape.
Air compressor that has air hose.
Nozzle attachment that can fit the grip hole.
A vice
Box cutter that has hook blade.

1. Perfectly put the club on the vice.
2. Using a hole blade, cut down the old grip. Ensure you cut it away from your body as it can help in preservation of tapes under the grip.
3. Remove the existing grip.

In this step you have some tape option you can consider. For instance, you can decide to leave the existing tape exactly the way it is, you can also decide to build the grip by adding new masking tape on the existing one or you can remove the existing masking tape and replace it with a new one. After you put the masking tape , you need to make sure that the grip is over the tubes end. You can achieve this by dipping the grip end in a solvent.

4.On the back of the shaft, put a 1/4 of a well spread grip tip.
5.On the grip hole put pneumatic tool nozzle tip.
5. Start applying air and pressure to slide down the grip shaft. Air and pressure should be applied in 1-2 seconds burst. Basically, on suitable pressure it is very easy to slide the grip down the tube

Tips to consider when regripping your help clubs. 

1.Tape Options.

When you are on golf club regripping process, you have three masking tape application options that you can use.

This options includes:

Reusing the existing masking tape by leaving it on the golf clubs. You can use this option if only you don’t have new masking tape since it does not give firm grip compared to the one it had on the first time round. Secondly, you can add a new griping tape on already existing tape meaning that your golf clubs will be having two layers of tapes which can give a great feel to some players so its optional considering your preference.  Thirdly, you can decide to completely remove the old griping tape and replace it with new which I believe is the best option and this is because it has increased firm grip compared to other two other options.


To be a master in this process, you need to keep practising so that you can be able to get and master the proper skills and techniques you require in regripping golf club.
The above steps are incredibly simple and will just take few minutes and you will be done.
If your golf clubs have not been regriped or you use other methods of golf clubs regripping, it’s highly recommendable you give a try using air compressor regripping method today and you will be impressed by the great results.

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